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Một công việc mà ít người quan tâm đến chính là việc chăm sóc ắc-quy ô tô đúng cách. Đặc biệt với những người thiếu kinh nghiệm, không có kiến thức về chăm sóc ô tô, hay những người có quá ít thời gian rảnh.


Automotive batteries huge role in providing power to start the engine and run devices such as whistles, entertainment systems, lights … can be said that the main battery is the heart of the car automobile, without it the car completely unable to work. Very rarely owners interested in batteries because by thinking of many, difficult broken batteries, often have nearly ten years it was technical. Also located deep inside the engine, many people think it will be safety, not influenced from outside should not need much attention. The thinking is totally wrong as it would damage the battery fast. When bringing our car to the auto warranty, auto repair When we checked, almost of the battery is damaged, replacement is very much needed, especially in the rainy season, when the engine stalls bearing to ship batteries are always in a state of moisture contamination, severe power shortage or power cord, the connector for easy rusted pile .. A lot of batteries is not hygienic, magnets regular distilled water should have broken new car is even running is 1, 2 years. With experience the best auto repair, the technician quickly identify the standard service level of the battery power runs out, periodically adding new distilled water and advising customers how to handle in some cases stalled car , not boot. In an emergency, there is no distilled water you can replace the use of water from the water filter, but should not take too much time will not be good for the battery.
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