Rescue 24/7

Whether you are a little careful on your car and how good it is, will not be able to guarantee 100 % never a problem between the road or at home due to various objective reasons and subjective.


– Vehicles will not boot or shutdown halfway.

– Vehicles are submerged.

– Car accident.

– Exploding tires.

– Vehicle broken unexplained … When encountering these issues you need to do, so the star treatment. Try to wait to see if anyone come over to ask or seek help everywhere when viewing any repair shop or find a retailer a roadside repair shop shoddy, expensive medium quality not quality assurance car quickly broken down again and likely worse. The best way for you to call us, providing 24/7 rescue service. Just call us, in the shortest possible time we will come to help you bring your car to the garage for repairs. In the case of minor damage such as perforation tattoos, blow we will help you directly on-site treatment.

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Hotline 24/7: 1900 7179